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PowerESim is a powerful tool for design of SMPS power supplies as well as the the SMPS transformer.

PowerEsim runs directly in your webbrowser.

Magnetic Builder, a module of PowerESim is used to design a SMPS transformer.

Link to PowerEsim

To evaluate PowerEsim, click the link below



Below is a screenshot from the module Magnetic Builder used for designing the transformer in the SMPS.

Screenshot from PowerEsim Magnetic Builder module


Minimum requirements to run PowerEsim

  • Resolution 1024 x 768
  • Adobe Flash Player, minimum Version 8+
  • Internet Explorer version 6.0 or Firefox version 1.5

Please also check the following:

  • Javascript must be enabled
  • Java must be enabled

The feature 'Block Pop-up Window' must be disabled for the domain PowerEsim opens windows that you otherwise you won't be able to see.

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