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Chokes represent a large variety in applications, eg. EMC supression coils, current compensated or differential mode types, storage chokes in SMPS converters, filter chokes for DC current smoothing and power factor correctors in the mains. Toroidal core of iron-powder, moly-permalloy (MPP) or ferrite is the common choice.

LINTRON offer a full range of chokes for every application, custom-designed. Ask for more details.


Chokes come in many different designs and types.

  • Storage Chokes (for EMI suppression)
  • DC Filter Chokes (for SMPS)
  • Current Compensated Chokes
  • Common Mode Choke

Custom Design

LINTRON can offer a wide range of types, sizes and dimensions.

Boxing options

  • Potted
  • Encapsulated
  • Cased
Mounting options
  • Through-hole
  • SMD (Surface mounting)

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